01 September 2010

Peace Corps Limbo

On a Tour of Laborie, St. Lucia

Great news!  Tropical Storm Fiona will have passed the islands soon, and that means that those of us heading up to Antigua and St. Kitts & Nevis will be leaving dark and early tomorrow morning.  We're all very eager to meet our host families, and I'm especially eager to get unpacked and settled in my new home.  I will be living in the city limits of Basseterre, and I expect it will be a short walk to my work site.  God has blessed me by providing me a place to stay and learn the cultural dos and don'ts for a few more months.

Main Street, Laborie, St. Lucia

Training on St. Lucia the past two days has been mostly uneventful, but even our Training Director said that if we weren't leaving tomorrow, she didn't think she'd be able to hang on to our collective attentions much longer.  Probably true.  But we're ready to leave this Peace Corps limbo of being moved from place to place while we're waiting for the weather to behave.  Some have gotten rather down about the circumstances, but the way I look at it is that being waylaid by hurricanes should be part of the training for Eastern Caribbean service anyway.

So I'll be very busy tomorrow, meeting everyone and spending time with my new temporary family, so don't expect an update for just a little while - pretty soon I'll set up a routine to where I can post every other day or so.

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  1. Hey Chris, it's Judy B. Thank you again for the calculator loan. I sent the smaller one to Amanda today She doesn't seem to need the graphing one, said she probably couldn't use it anyway as the screen is big enough for cheaters, so they can't use big screen calculators. I can keep it safe here or can give it back to your parents, whatever you want.
    I've been following you and will continue as well as pray for you. You seem to be the perfect personality for this, tough I'm sure there will be some rough times I'm sure you will come to love the people and the culture even though it's so different from ours. You may never come back!