12 November 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote for the week is a sign on Church Street just outside my parish of St. George's Anglican:

In truth, this wasn't that funny to me, but a friend pointed it out as being deceptively ironic, so hopefully it is sufficiently funny to readers.

Big news!  I'm scheduled to be on Nevis all day today, filming a gender awareness march directed by a fellow PCV there.  So I get to take the ferry across and see the other 1/4 of the Federation.  I am very much looking forward to it; I've met so many fantastic Nevisians already in my time here on St. Kitts, that I want to find out what all of the hype is about.

In other news, cooking has been going well; I made delicious tacos complete with homemade salsa last night.  Fun!  Come to find out, however, that a little onion goes a long way, so I definitely need to go easier on the onion next time.  Additionally, I'm giving the passion fruit juice experiment a second go-around, since the last try was kind of disastrous.  So I'll get back to readers on that in due time.

I finally finished hanging all the new/clean curtains in my apartment.  The improvements in the arrangement of light are immense: my bathroom is far more lit up now with a set of half-length sheer curtains for half-length windows that match the kitchen's curtains, and my bedroom is finally dark in the morning thanks to a new set of sufficiently-masculine semi-opaque beaded curtains.  So apart from drilling into the concrete wall, which my neighbor said he has the hardware to do, I am quite nearly done with internal improvements.  Now to just decide what to do with the 36" CRT sitting on my floor.  Anybody with suggestions for pumping a digital signal through to A/V cables?  It'd be great if I could watch DVDs on the monitor without having to finance a DVD player...


  1. Unfortunately, to do that with your MacBook you'll need a mini-DVI to composite adapter for video and a separate adapter to convert your audio from standard 1/8" to red and white RCA.

    Here's the Apple adapter: http://store.apple.com/us/product/M9319G/A?fnode=MTY1NDA5OQ&mco=MTA4MzU1ODQ
    I don't know where you can get your hands on one over there.

    You should be able to find an audio adapter to go from your headphone/line-out port to RCA cables at any store that sells electronic components.

  2. Hey Chris,
    I just realized that if GT loses to Duke (unlikely, i know), then UGA and GT will both be playing for a bowl game. That's sad...
    South Carolina will be playing in the SEC Championship for the first time ever, because they beat Florida in the swamp for the first time ever. And they will be playing Auburn.
    I have a test on Monday, then a test on Thursday, then for my Thanksgiving weeklong break, I'm going to be looking for an internship/job for spring semester, and a job for the summer.
    Then after Thanksgiving break, I have 2 projects and a test.(immediately afterwards)
    Are you still able to watch Netflix on your laptop?