17 January 2011

More Goings Than Comings, It Would Seem

Here are some pictures from a dinner a few weekends ago at Fisherman's Wharf.  We volunteers wanted to wish our friend Pilar goodbye; she was visiting on vacation and her time had been exhausted.  So we gathered at "The Best Catch In Town" to thank her for her friendliness, positive attitude, and generosity of spirit.  Overall the food was okay, though certainly pricey.  But it's a well known attraction for tourists and locals alike, so it's nice just to say that I've been there.  Some say the lobster is the best on island – maybe one day I'll find out.

The lasagna dinner on Friday night went well; it was a delight to spend time with friends.  I fear the lasagna itself could have used more seasoning, though.  Mom caught my error: Italian seasoning alone wasn't enough to bring out the tangy sauce flavor, it needed some singular herbs like Oregano or Basil as well.  Anyway, I'll know for next time, and hopefully when that time comes I won't have to warm up the pre- cooked dish in the oven like this time.  Anyway, as with so many of the dishes that I have been experimenting with, there's certainly room for improvement.

Additionally, it seems that one of our Peace Corps Response Volunteers will be taking early leave from his post here in St. Kitts to pursue different undertakings back in the States.  So we'll be marking his leave with another get-together this upcoming weekend.  I, for one, will be disappointed to see him off early; I shared in some delightfully deep and occasionally tacky conversations with him the last few months.  You know, it occurred to me the other day that, when my close of service comes at the end of next year, there may not be any PCVs staying behind to wish me off!


  1. Hey Chris! Anna can help you out with homemade lasagna. We made some in August. Anna puts fresh basil leaves in the lasagna, and puts fennel seeds in with the ground beef to make it taste like Italian sausage.
    I have my interview with Target on Wednesday. the snow wiped out my mock interview with the Career Center. Please pray for me.

  2. Aw man, those are some great suggestions! I'll be borrowing them for sure.

    Praying for a successful second-round interview, for God to give you peace of mind – the rest will take care of itself. God bless.