12 September 2010

Time For A Haircut

My hair is getting to that odd length where it looks just a little too long for the hairstyle, but it's too short to comb into a part.  Fortunately, a fellow PCV pointed out the barber shop he recommends nearby.  So one of these days that I'm in town and I have some time, I have some errands to run – post office and barber salon.

Went to the Wesleyan church this morning with my host family mother.  It was not too different in order of service or preaching style from the Baptist churches in North Georgia, so I felt comfortable enough.  The people were very friendly and magnanimous in allowing me to bring in my bottle of water, which was an utter necessity in the small and very hot building while wearing a suit.

The message in church was on 1 Kings 19, specifically God's inquiry to Elijah in verse 9: "What doest thou here, Elijah?"  The practical offshoot for us being, Where do we find ourselves and are we comfortable where we are?  Or is God calling us to more in our spiritual lives?  A common enough theme, surely, but the Holy Spirit is always moving!  Finding myself moved, I had to ask myself the same question, and I was confronted with a novel realization, recounted below.

First, thank you again to those praying for me.  I know in my heart that one or some of you are praying specifically for the peace that comes from the knowledge that I am in God's will, where God wants me, serving on His islands.  I know this, because when I was challenged with the message and sought the Holy Spirit on the matter, He reassured me with a certainty I have not felt for almost two years.  The bottom line?  I second-guess, I question, I doubt, I get discouraged, I balk, I fear, but I always come back to the realization that God is here with me.  And as the words emblazoned on a taxi here on St. Kitts promulgates, "What then shall we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

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  1. That last line reminds me of the bridge to Chris Tomlin's "Our God." If you don't know the song you should check it out. It's good to hear you've found it relatively comfortable to continue to worship in a community down there. I sometimes wonder how difficult it can be to find a familiar place of worship abroad.

    By the way, your hair always looks goofy.

    Your friend,