27 September 2010

My Legs Are So Sore

Another weekend come and gone, and things are moving smoothly enough on the island.  I stayed very busy this weekend, splitting my time between going on excursions around the island and staying home and catching up on my steady stream of homework.  On Saturday, I awoke very early for an official island-wide 8:00 run/walk up to Brimstone Hill, where we visited last week.  The path up to the top is a steady hill of between a 20° and a 40° incline for about a mile-and-a-half.  I was able to traverse it in 15 minutes, which is about 3-5 minutes past competitive in my age group.  But I was the second PCV to the top, so that's what I'm counting.  All things considered, I got exactly what I wanted out of it: a challenging run, a chance to see what the course would feel like, and the motivation to improve next year.

Then, that afternoon, I turned the GT game off at halftime to march down to the Southern Peninsula with some friends, where we relaxed at the beach for a few hours.  There's a beautiful white sand beach that is used by the Marriott, the major resort hotel (I know, not what you'd expect) at Frigate Bay.  We made an afternoon of it, since walking there is about an hour hike from town, where I started.  Thank heavens we procured a lift back into town with a friend who has a car, because my calves were aching at that point.

Jon, thanks for the comment; I replied.  Looking forward to a more normal week here: three days of training, one day at my school attachment, and one day at work.  I promise more pictures soon, and, if my workload is lighter this week, maybe even a short YouTube video to boot!

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