14 September 2010

Never Have I Ever...

... stood 50 feet under a commercial jet as it passed overhead, initiating its landing.  Until now.  Living so close to the airstrip here in Basseterre has given me a unique opportunity indeed.  Usually the Liat props pass over about four or five times a day when I am at home, and make a devilishly loud ruckus when they do.  But this time it was an American Airlines jet, one of the few I have seen on island in my 12 days here.

... led a class of 3rd graders in math and grammar curricula all by myself, until now.  Today was my second visit to my grade school attachment, and I helped out in ways I did not know I could.  I now better understand the challenges of being a grade school teacher, and hope to have increased success in my education endeavors in the near future.

... spent this much time, consecutively, in a foreign country, until now.  Trips to Perú were on the order of 10-11 days each, and I have just surpassed that mark.  Now my target is to live one day by myself in a foreign country, but I will have to wait until October to celebrate that particular mark.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the hospitality of my wonderful homestay family.

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Also, pictures!
Nevis Peak in the clouds, an inactive volcano.  Viewed from the War Memorial at Basseterre.
A sidelong view of Bay Road in Basseterre from the southwestern corner of the city.

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