28 January 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote this week comes from one Dominican student who, starting last week at the Dr. William Connor Primary School despite speaking nearly zero English, explained to me her difficulties in understanding those around her:

"No podría comprender al profesor, 
porque pronuncía mal."

I couldn't help but chuckle at this – the Caribbean accent was even getting in the way of a Spanish speaker understanding.  Hilarity!

I gave my apartment a good cleaning yesterday, which in light of the recent exhibition put on by insectoid residents of the premises was a good idea.  Between Tuesday and Thursday of this week I found another spider of the same species as the New Year's culprit, though this one was much earlier in its life cycle, being only about 2.5 inches and much more manageable.  I removed it from my ceiling with a fly-swatter.  Not moments after laying its deceased remains in the garbage can, I retired to my bedroom to find a large black cockroach about 1.5 inches long climbing on the curtains.  What was it doing there?  There were no survivors left to inform the council.  Finally, yesterday in my kitchen, I was approached by an inexperienced but highly persistent centipede, measuring only about 3 inches.  I was not as impressed with its number of thoracic segments so much as its unwillingness to die for its cause.  Squishing its multifaceted exterior between the rubber sole of my shoe and the tile floor dealt it no apparent bodily damage, and only served to pin it in place.  After half-a-dozen similar attempts, I even tried to sever its southeasterly half from its northwesterly half with a steak knife, but to no avail.  This guy... is a survivor!  Anyway, a solid pounding and Kleenex removal later, my apartment is presumably carnivorous critter free – if you don't count the dozen-or-so daddy long legs camped out in my bathroom, presumably getting an early start on the next Harry Potter release.

I don't think there's any other big news here.  I've never seen a post on this blog earn so many hits so fast before the last one, which is either a testament to its interestingatude, or just a natural offshoot of having an increased readership from previous months.  And yet no comments?  What up with that?


  1. I'm about to read your latest 2 posts. saw this, and it made me laugh out loud. I'm over the flu, Went to the career fair on Wednesday, had an interview on Thursday. The target interview fell through. But take a look at this link!

  2. That's pretty cool. and funny about the accent thing. I felt proud about understanding her sentence! I'm starting to read Josh Rouse's book. did you know he wrote a book? Oh, I'm in a group with Aaron Murray's older brother. A.M. is our quarterback. I was dumbfounded. The inlaws came over last night, we hung out, ate pizza, and watched The Office. The interview is for Northwestern Mutual. do some research on that. Type it into google.

  3. I'm writing back to employers now, sending my resume everywhere. Anna just cooked some Coconut Chicken, it was pretty good. First time drinking coconut milk. Def liked it. Josh's book is pretty good. I just saw this, thought of you.
    Don't forget to write me back

  4. Funny! Taken from the world's best webcomic: http://xkcd.com/692 Also, I freakin' know who Aaron Murray is! Also, NM was my very first interview in Oct. 2008. It lasted 45 minutes – and I never heard back after that. About the movie: great clip, I'm gonna have to save that for later and jot down the notes. The technique is so comically bad it's making me nauseous. That guy on the bass end is gonna break a key!! Also, Coconut Chicken > Robot Chicken. Thanks for writing!