17 September 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Seen on the bottles of a local water distributing label:

"The Best Water People"

Hyphens, it turns out, are very important.  And language, unlike addition, does not have associative identities.

Happy Federation independence, everybody!  National Heroes Day was celebrated on Thursday, and Sunday the 19th is official Independence Day, making for a long, long weekend for us.  My island is even a little bigger now: I enjoyed circumnavigating the island yesterday, taking the bus with a friend to Trinity, where we met up with some other PCVs for a late breakfast and a walk down to the volcanic rock beach.  Then a bus to the northwest corner of the island and Dieppe Bay, home of a beautiful black sand beach.  Unfortunately, what with Igor stirring up some stellar waves, today was not a day for beach relaxing on the Atlantic side.  But we toured the fishing cove anyway, and caught a bus to Saddlers.  After walking around the village for a little while, we caught a bus all the way back to Basseterre, completing our clockwise tour of the island.

I don't yet know what plans are in store for the long weekend, but I'm increasingly excited, the trip around the island going a long way towards keeping me upbeat.

Thanks for the comments, everybody, and if I forgot anything feel free to ask away.

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