30 August 2010

Being Flexible

Arriving in St. Luica

So I'm sure that many of you have been following hurricane Earl, and if you have you know that it is currently hovering over St. Kitts, effectively delaying our arrival there.  The Corps volunteers already there have been consolidated to a safe house, and we trainees are marooned on St. Lucia to endure overcast skies and soft breezes.  Those of us going to St. Kitts are hoping for it to pass soon, so we can meet our homestay families.  Instead, for today we will take a historical tour of a nearby city and wait out the storm.  Just another example of being flexible.

Looking Down over Castries

Said goodbye to the St. Vincent trainees this morning, a melancholy goodbye to some very good friends made in a very short time.  But the good news is we will all get to see each other again by MidService Training.  And those of us going to St. Kitts are starting to bond a little stronger - I'm happy to say that we NGO developers on SKN all get along just fine.

The schedule right now has us doing a day of training in St. Lucia on Tuesday before flying out early Wednesday morning.  All of us not going to St. Vincent will take the flight to Antigua, and the 10-or-so of us going to St. Kitts will have a layover at the airport before flying to Basseterre.  From there our families will pick us up at the airport; all, that is, but my good friend, who will yet have to take the ferry from Basseterre to Charlestown, Nevis.

Thanks again to everyone that is in prayer for me.

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