Prayer Requests Log

Answered Prayer
  • (ans. 11/26/12) Success in finding a job following my term of service.
  • (ans. 10/23/12) Safety in my daily activities.  Being mistaken for a tourist can be a liability.
  • (ans. 10/28/11) Patience, perseverance and wisdom in my many fledgling projects. 
  • (ans. 04/25/11) A significant other or the need annihilated.
  • (ans. 02/23/11 and 05/06/11) A very practical diversity of social circles.
  • (ans. 12/08/10) That I would overcome the fear that I am unwanted here. This is a tool of Satan's and a weakness of mine.
  • (ans. 10/16/10 and 3/02/11 and 2/29/12) That God will provide me with the resources (money, food, love, faith, positivity) to execute my mandate here in St. Kitts to the best of my ability.
  • (ans. 9/29/10) That God will go ahead of me and prepare those I will be working with for the next two years. 
  • (ans. 8/08/10 and 9/12/10 and 3/25/11) That God would grant me peace in the knowledge that this is His will for my life. 
  • (ans. 9/03/10) That God will protect me (and my luggage!) on my air travels.
  • (ans. 8/23/10) That I will not get overly anxious in this last week of preparation.
  • (ans. 8/23/10) That my remaining time with my family would be positive and blessed.
  • (ans. 8/15/10) That the going-away party would go well, and I would get a chance to personally thank (almost) everyone that has been a great support to me in the last six months.