22 March 2011

Various Forms of Buyer's Remorse

My office's Internet Service Provider, The Cable, has been out of commission for over a week now – which means the NSTP has been paying for internet that hasn't been available since Friday the 11th! Which is also why I've been forced to cut back to this two-updates-per-week schedule.  I know sometimes things go wrong for cable and internet companies, and it is a lot of lines to monitor and manage, but a service outage of more than a day or two is unacceptable.  And it's island-wide!  It's a good thing Cable & Wireless provides my internet, or else I wouldn't be able to transmit this missive over the web atall.

I cooked barbecued pulled pork on Saturday.  It was a bit of an involved process: purchasing all of the ingredients before Saturday morning, like brown sugar, Kraft barbecue sauce, and Shur-Fine (the local off-brand) apple cider vinegar; getting up at dawn to make it into town and the meat market by 7:00, where I selected the hog from whence the 4 lbs. of shoulder meat was hewn.  Then I seared the pork, warmed a pot with the ingredients, and began the pork simmering at 8:45.  Then it was just a normal Saturday of doing nothing but chilling at the apartment and watching a pot simmer for eight more hours.  I managed to wash my dishes, get some sudoku done, some reading, and watched a few more entries from my Hulu queue.  Good times.

I have this unusual dilemma to confront tonight: my time is torn between two competing interests in late Tuesday night activities.  The first is football (soccer), which I have not been able to attend for some weeks, and I've been promising fellow footballers I would try to make it tonight.  The other is Tuesday Trivia, held at a hotel lounge at Frigate Bay, and for whom I will be responsible for generating and asking questions a week from now.  Both begin about the same time, after dark, and go until late evening, thus the two are mutually exclusive activities.  Both I need to negotiate a lift to.  Which social responsibility do I act on and which one do I shirk?  It's a conundrum.


  1. Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I've still got Thursday night to kick the football around, so I should be fine.

    Hey, I'm joining an all-PCV fantasy baseball league! Some guys in SVG are starting it up, and our live draft is scheduled for this weekend – wish me luck!