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 Don't want to have to scroll through pages of posts to find my video journal entries?
Heard that there was a new commercial being broadcast on ZIZ television?
Just tired of reading long weblog posts? That's what this page is for!
Here you'll find links to all of my highlight videos from Peace Corps service in St. Kitts and Nevis,
as well as links to some videos from time before leaving for the Caribbean.

The easiest way to see all of my public videos at one time.  
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My Journal Videos

Added 6/21/2012           Duration: 5:36
The 25 Remarkable Teens volunteer training workshop,
and a camping trip to Banana Bay later that afternoon.

Added 6/21/2012           Duration: 9:18
The National Skills Training Programme celebrated its
25th Anniversary this week, and I captured the events on video.

Added 12/10/2011           Duration: 5:21
Very exclusive footage inside EC82's Mid-Service Training:
it's the St. Kitts/Nevis Island Impact presentation!
Also, the books donated by Hands Across the Sea arrived.

JULY 2011
Added 11/22/2011           Duration: 8:18
Nature is beautiful.  Enjoy a brief collage of some of the
native creatures of the Eastern Caribbean. 
Then partake in the pomp and circumstance of the NSTP's
Secondary Work-based Program graduation ceremony.

JUNE 2011
Added 6/29/2011           Duration: 3:57
The D. Connor Band's first public performance at the
Peace Corps's 50th Anniversary Celebration in Independence Square.
Just the Iron Band music, as so many of you have requested.

APRIL 2011
Added 4/26/2011           Duration: 3:29
A practice session with D. Connor Band, and
Easter Monday celebrations in downtown Basseterre.

MARCH 2011
Added 3/29/2011           Duration: 4:18
A very memorable weekend spent at the 
Dr. William Connor School Sports Day, followed by
a celebration of International Women's Day on Nevis.

Added 2/28/2011           Duration: 4:51
A picturesque hike up the slopes of the
highest point in St. Kitts, Mt. Liamuiga.

Added 1/30/2011           Duration: 4:11
Video and pictures from the New Year's Day Carnival Parade
near Independence Square, followed by a surprise visit
to my worksite in Greenlands.
Added 12/29/2010           Duration: 5:04
Catch my first J'ouvert and a family-style Christmas Eve dinner!

Added 11/29/2010           Duration: 8:12
Includes highlights from two big project undertakings, 
the Library Reorganization Project at my primary school attachment.

Added 10/29/2010           Duration: 13:28
 My very first day at the apartment, 
a party down at the Shiggidy Shack, and 
coverage of EC82's Swearing-In Ceremony.
See below for the video that aired during the ceremony.

Added 9/28/2010           Duration: 4:10
 Highlights from Pre-Service Training, and my first month on island.
Includes A Visit To Brimstone Hill, playing tennis with Erica, and 
a day at my primary school attachment.

Commissioned Videos

Added 10/20/2010           Duration: 8:10
 Aired during the Swearing-In Ceremony for EC82's new St. Kitts and Nevis volunteers.
Meet each new volunteer and share in some of our experiences during Pre-Service Training.

Added 10/29/2010           Duration: 1:31
 Ms. Matthew's 3rd grade class has a public service announcement for you.
Aired on ZIZ television on Sunday, November 7.

Added 11/21/2010           Duration: 2:28
The Department of Social Services sets aside 16 days against 
gender-based violence on the island of Nevis.  
Aired on NTV from November 20 to December 16.

Added 6/19/2011           Duration: 7:08
St. Kitts' celebration of the Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary (1961-2011).
A day at Independence Square in Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Other Videos

Added 8/08/2008           Duration: 2:19
Week old ducklings explore my family's backyard.  

Added 6/04/2008           Duration: 4:02
Our ducks enjoy the new backyard pool.

Added 8/10/2008           Duration: 2:22
The ducks love the rain, and their new upgraded pool.

Added 8/08/2008           Duration: 1:11
These seals were spotted at Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, British Columbia.

Added 8/09/2008           Duration: 2:14 
 A couple goats that my grandparents are watching for some friends.