05 September 2010

Still On That Initial High

... Don't know how much longer it's scheduled to last, but I'm holding out for more.  PreService Training is starting to feel like the chain-pull at the beginning of a 2-year-long roller coaster ride: Slow and steady at first, dealing primarily with nerves and not psyching yourself out, before a long series of ups and downs that are practically out of one's own control.  But that's one of the reasons I'm here, right? To give up control.

Before I forget, be sure to read up on my pal Andrew's blog - he's a gifted comic and it shows in his posts.  He's on the other side of the island from me (6 o'clock to 12 o'clock), so the only times I get to see him are during training, but that's okay, 'cause that is all I can stand of him anyway. (oh snap!)

Drinking lots of water here.  Around 3 16oz bottles a day.  And of course I'm sweating.  But the heat isn't overpowering for me, and the mosquito bites have toned down, thanks to a fresh bottle of OFF! and a fan in my bedroom.  Also, I come bearing news about a neat custom here.  Perhaps many of you have heard that on the hottest days, it's good for you to eat hot soup?  I had not, but it's common practice here to have hot tea in the morning and hot soup for lunch.  Why?  Wouldn't that be uncomfortably hot in 90°+ weather?  It turns out that, while your body temp does increase almost imperceptibly, it's enough to where the air feels cooler, and it's quite refreshing.  MYTHBUSTERS: CONFIRMED.

 We were given our school attachment assignments yesterday – I will be working at a primary school one day a week for as long as they need me.  I hope to get in touch soon with the volunteers from St. Lucia who have instituted a chess program in their primary schools, so as to borrow curriculum and advice/inspiration for an analogous program here on St. Kitts.  Barring that, I've always got a new soccer ball.

Pics of my host family and St. Kitts soon.  In the meantime, new blog header!

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