21 February 2011

My GamersCorps Achievements

Saturday was full of surprises.  One of the big ones was the revelation that they have ice cream trucks here; much to my dismay, it was the same kind that play the same silly tunes that nobody knows, as loudly as possible, and are just catchy and irritating enough to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  But here in the islands, there is an added twist: since the special refrigerated truck is not manufactured anywhere around here save for the States, the driver's side is, as with so many industrial vehicles here, on the left side instead of the right.  Nothing particularly strange about that, but as it is set up for children to approach the passenger's side to purchase ice cream, this means that (no exaggeration here) children have to stand out in traffic as they wait for their ice cream.  Brilliant.

Also on the highlight reel was a remarkable first: the family in my neighborhood that was the first to actually initiate a conversation with me also was the first to offer me a meal – in this case it was a sampler plate from a child's birthday party that was going on concurrently with my passing on the road, and so was a polite gesture and a good-faith gesture of their promise to visit me in my "new" home soon.  But nonetheless, I very gratefully accepted it in the spirit of a better-late-than-never housewarming gift.  And it was wonderful!  And I thought to myself, You know, I finally broke a barrier there, and I want to acknowledge it.

So in the spirit of XBOX Gamerscore achievements, I made an achievement for myself.

At that point, I thought to myself, What other achievements would contribute to my GamersCorps?  So here's a look at some of the potential noteworthy events I have or have not achieved.


  1. why do you want someone else to do your laundry?

  2. I just found this. http://noms.icanhascheezburger.com/2011/02/20/funny-food-photos-i-love-cookies-that-form-games/

    I haven't played this game since you left. not cool

  3. Heh, yay Settlers! You know, a fellow volunteer on St. Vincent brought a set with her. I'm gonna make sure she brings it with her to MidService Training!

    Anytime you want a .pdf of a cool scenario that you haven't played since I left, just let me know.