03 December 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote this week is by my PC comrade on Nevis, directed at me:

"Your references are always lost on me."

Well, it wouldn't be me if I wasn't confusing my friends with obscure nerdy pop culture references.

Not a whole lot to post about today.  I'm going to get a real PC haircut tomorrow, trading my services in multimedia presentation preparation for a free, quality 'do.  When living on as tight a budget as we have to on St. Kitts, you learn to find the lowest-cost alternatives for just about every good or service.  In the states, the time/cost trade-off leans heavier on the saving time side, willing to front the extra cost to avoid having to shop around for a better deal.  Here, with little material resources and vastly plentiful time resources, the trade-off swings dramatically in the other direction.

I have some takers for The Chronicles of Narnia for my birthday in two weeks.  I've been looking forward to seeing this movie since before I left, and so Murphy's Law is due to strike when it becomes clear that the release of the movie on St. Kitts has been delayed or somesuch.  But maybe I'm being overly pessimistic; I'm sure we'll have a good time even if the movie falls through for any reason.

I am going to try my hand at Curry Mutton tonight, so wish me luck!

Yay animated gif.


  1. Your "wish me luck" link doesn't work. I just came back from a White Elephant Christmas party at my church.
    I got a key chain etch-a-sketch. I was stoked. I got Anna's Christmas gift for her already, and I'm teasing her about it, because she really wants to know what it is, but I won't tell her. It's a surprise.
    I put up a tree in my apartment. It's fake, but i got a bunch of my ornaments, and it has colored lights, and an angel on top. red garland and silver tinsel. 6.5 feet tall.
    I got dad's gift too. I know he'll really like it.
    I have finals coming up soon. I could have 5 finals in 2 days. Luckily: 1 I will be taking early, 1 is optional (I hopefully wont have to take it) and 1 is a project final. leaving me with 2.5 finals in 2 days. The half is the project, it's really just a presentation, my teammates are doing most of the work, I'm trying to help more tho.
    Post some more pix. Oh, what's the easiest way for me to send pix to you?

  2. Fix'd. BTW this post went to my spam folder because it is so long. Anything this extensive feel free to e-mail me. Kthanxbai.

    5 finals in two days is excessive. I'm glad you don't have to sit for all five in a row like that.

    Please recall that I do not have a functioning camera at this time, so Pictures will be on hold for a little while.

    The easiest way for you to send pictures to me is to Skype them or e-mail them. Or create a Photobucket account and send me the links. Whatever.