06 August 2010

Plans Before Staging

*Raise Glass*
Here's to the first post of the rest of my life.

In about a week I'll have my going-away party; I'm looking forward to thanking everyone that has supported me in this trying time, and adding a little closure to my time at home before shipping out on the 23rd.  I took care of talking to SatoTravel and reserving my travel arrangements (arranging my travel reservations?) to Miami earlier this week, so I think I'm all caught up on my list of to-dos before staging.

Staging, for those that do not know, is an evening at a hotel conference room in Miami, FL. where I will join about 29 other first-time volunteers preparing for their own stints in the Caribbean.  I will finalize my official papers, purchase insurance, get any lacking immunizations, and discuss travel and arrangements once we arrive in St. Lucia, where I will undergo training for the following eight weeks.  During that time, I will be living with a host family who works closely with the Peace Corps and has hosted volunteers before.  I can't think of a better way to start ingraining the home culture I will be trying to emulate during my two years in service.

In the meantime, I have plenty of PC publications to familiarize myself with.  To reading!

Also, see prayer requests.

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