03 September 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Lots to post tonight, so here goes:

For your funnyquote of the week, here's a flipchart post from PreService Training at St. Lucia by our Country Director, citing the trappings of some of us here in paradise.  ------------------->

For the first item, I am indeed here in Basseterre, St. Kitts, with my wonderful host family.  They are both college professors, which makes for excellent conversation and a perfect pairing for me.  Certainly God was involved in the decision to see me to this sweet family, and I am thankful for His wisdom and his perfect plan for me.

Apart from having to clean up some spilled shampoo in one suitcase that was a day late in arriving, my transition from St. Luica to St. Kitts has been mostly seamless.  Unfortunately, people on the island have been busy cleaning up from the recent strike of Hurricane Earl, and so those of us just moving to the island are showing discretion and mercy in our expectations for typically available services, which might be electricity for some, clean laundry for others.

I am in a very positive frame of mind, very thankful that I was delayed by the hurricanes for only two days.  Training continues as usual, and I was able to open a new savings account at the RBC here this morning as well as add minutes to my new local-service cell phone.  For those that want to call me on it, I will first check that calls from outside the network/country will not use up my very limited supply of minutes.  If I can receive calls for free, I will post my phone number here for everyone.

Thanks to everybody for your positive comments, and for your continued prayers.  If the statistics hold, in just a few weeks I will experience some more severe culture shock, and with God's help I'll get through it okay.  Everything is very expensive here in the city, so running a budget is nearly impossible.  Please pray that God would continue to bless me with provisions so that I can serve him here free of fear.

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