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I have been known to contribute my own quizzes from time to time,
and below are some permalinks to those quizzes.  Please enjoy.

Actually Useful Information 

Answer 12 questions about the Peace Corps and its presence around the globe.

Identify the context of 15 very specific numbers in science.

Semi-Useful Information 

Name 20 famous people (with clues) whose surname is no more than 
half the length of their given name.  
See what one user called, "Actually, a pretty good quiz."

Five questions with multiple right answers?? 
Still, some thought it was fun to play!

Baseball's Significant Digits
Identify the unique historical context of 15 special numbers in
baseball's bygone days.
Find 8 groups of 3 famous individuals, each of whose surnames rhyme. 

Lesser-Known Thirds 
Given only the first two entries in some group, 
name the lesser-known third in the group.

Name 20 celebrities (with clues) whose given name combined with their surname
exhibits all five vowels at least once. 

Digits of Pi
Name 100 decimal places of pi by rote.  Do it.  Now.

Completely Useless Information 

Item Quizzes
Name all the items from the respective Legend of Zelda series installment.
Numbers Quizzes
20 numbers of varying significance in 3 minutes.

Various Video Game Quizzes 
Zelda 5: Ocarina of Time by Colors - Did you know you could split elements of LoZ:OoT into colors? 
The Legend of Zelda Bestiary - That's bestiary.
The Legend of Zelda by Reception - Critically speaking, this quiz is Zelda-esque!
Finish the Chrono Trigger Quote - A seemingly _______ quiz not for the faint-hearted.
Finish the Chrono Cross Quote - The sequel to the world-shattering CT quiz.
Alliterative VG Franchises - Video game franchises whose initials are ... alliterative!
Classic NES Games By Alphabet - This quiz might be guilty of dating you a little.
Before & After Franchise Titles - Only 1:30 to answer 20 - it's a Blitz! *NEW*