25 February 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote for the week comes from a revelation of my mother after I mentioned my increased workload for this and next month:

"Well, your six months of vacation are over."

Right.  Vacation.  Thank you.

A visit to school yesterday, in which I piloted three of the Math Activities I had prepared back in October, went just about as well as could be expected.  That is to say, the morning 1-hour session went like a breeze, and the kids were focused, motivated, and capable.  It was a pleasure to see the group dynamics in action, and to see the students challenged appropriately and more often than not rise to beat that challenge.  Then, the noontime 45-minute session with another class went okay, with the kids losing interest right in time for lunch.  And finally, the 30-minute session with yet another class in the afternoon went by far too quickly: I had scheduled an hour in the event it went longer than I planned, but the activity was mostly beneath the abilities of the kids and they breezed through it with little or no difficulty.  And when I managed to raise the difficulty to attempt to challenge the class further, with no tangible goal in sight, they quickly lost interest.  Suffice to say, some clear lessons were learned for the sake of running three more sessions next Thursday, as well as for improving the activities in general.  So good news there!

Not much else to write about today – I have a meeting at NEDD to hand over my first revision of the Small Business Financial Management presentation I have prepared to supplement the Introduction to Entrepreneurship curriculum that they are compiling.  And at noon I have a charity luncheon to attend – not even sure what it was I signed up for yet, so I'll let you know next week who the beneficiaries of the fundraiser are.  All of this before I spend the weekend creating a digital promo poster for a cultural gala fundraiser on Nevis, compile and edit the February highlight video for publishing before the end of the month, and finish some homework in preparation for InterService Training beginning Monday.  Oh, and I get to celebrate a housewarming on Nevis Saturday night.  So lots of fun projects to keep me busy, and hopefully I won't get overwhelmed!



  1. I'm at home playing scrabble, my longest word has been interred, but most points is pi*zas. I came home to pick up some softball gear and an air mattress. I'm playing intramural softball with Delta Sigma Pi this semester (4 games) and on spring break i'm going to San Antonio with my church to rent a car at the famous Alamo. It will be remembered, leather seats, a dvd player. jk.
    glad you found a friend playing soccer.

  2. Sounds like you kicked some Posterior Extremity. Heaven knows I've looked for chances to play Pizza but it hasn't come up; my best is still Quiz*ed with the Q and the Z both on a TLS.