18 February 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Hey, guess what – it's the 25th edition of Funnyquote Friday!  And in honor of this (in)significant achievement, I present: Funnyquote Fridays In Review.  I'm going to go through the 24 previous weeks of quotes and, as an added twist, run them through 56 translations on my new favorite toy, Bad Translator!  Here goes...

27 August 2010: "If you see red, turn it into Pink Clouds and float away on them."
... becomes: "You know, I wear a red rose."

03 September 2010: "(No) Beach Corps"
... becomes: "Sex on the beach (not available)"

 10 September 2010: "There's something calling me to Nevis... And it has a British accent."
... becomes: "That's what Snow said: 'FS British accent.' "

17 September 2010: "The Best Water People"
... becomes: "People are drinking water."

24 September 2010: "[Much like the Red Cross,] in this day and age and no matter where you are in the world, Blackberry can save your life."
... becomes: "The Red Cross and the living world of Blackberry exceptions."

01 October 2010: "If you like it up North, stay up North."
... becomes: "You and I live in the North."

08 October 2010: "Did you know that there is a tropical cyclone formation right over you?"
... becomes: "You know, you are tropical cyclones?"

15 October 2010: "For the next activity, I want you all to pretend... like you can work together."
... becomes: "I'm from the future, I want everyone to work together, I like that in general."

22 October 2010: "Enjoy the ride! P.S. The weird looking thing in the freezer is Conch."
... becomes:  "You can stop it in the refrigerator, and Travel Bolts is a very serious matter."
... as well as: "This is a serious problem, Cool on the Main Street."

29 October 2010: [Recipe for Curry Eggplant] 1 Medium eggplant, 4 tbsp. Butter, Juice of 1/2 lemon, 102 tsp. sweet or hot curry powder
... becomes: [Engine Recipe] oil, lemon juice or a teaspoon of clean water and four kinds of hits.

05 November 2010: "If the wire reaches everywhere in your house, it counts as wireless."
... becomes: "He said to the house, '...and if you have time to fly...' "

12 November 2010: "16 3/4 Miles to Dieppe Bay; 14 1/4 Miles to Dieppe Bay"
... becomes: "Sea 1000 3.4 14:16, 4 kg"

19 November 2010: "Sometimes it's okay to throw stones at women."
... becomes: "Sometimes the best women throw stones."

26 November 2010: "You know, algebra is just so useful, all of the time... I'm just sayin'."
... becomes: "... But I know algebra."

03 December 2010: "Your references are always lost on me."
... becomes: "I lost a contact."

10 December 2010: "OK, that stinks. Well, have fun reading this weekend."
... becomes: "So during the week there's no hope."

17 December 2010: "Tonight, I bring a message for our Very Anxious Times (VAT)."
... becomes: "Now, we learn that the Times (ICM) is a concern." 

31 December 2010: "I think it's just despicable that you're in a short-sleeve shirt and shorts..."
... becomes: "Shirt and pants, I'm afraid... "

07 January 2011: "Life: remember to keep breathing."
... becomes: "Do not forget to breathe new life."

14 January 2011: "It's okay to let spiders chill in your bathroom for months... until they are the size of a Susan B. Anthony."
... becomes: "Susan B. Anthony dressed like a cold shower... a trillion in the next few months."

... and " 'Silent Night' is followed by a j'ouvert."
... becomes: " 'Ropes Night' rust."

... and "Everyone in your village has an uncle in New York or Miami."
... becomes: "Miami, New York: where everyone makes comments."

21 January 2011: "The way I see it, if I fall on my face, it won't be on concrete, it'll be on the sand."
... becomes: "If you have sand on your face, in my opinion, it is obvious at first sight." 

28 January 2011: "No podría comprender al profesor, porque pronuncía mal."
... translated to English, is "I couldn't understand the professor, because he pronounced poorly."
... becomes: "The teacher knows very well I do not understand him."

04 February 2011: "Birthday or Anniversary?"
... becomes: "...or His Majesty the King's birthday?"

11 February 2011: "Ghost Prosecution Planned"
... becomes: "The Phantom of the Accusation should be taken."

And for an update, you know what I got to do yesterday?  I hiked the trail up to the rim of the crater atop Mt. Liamuiga, the highest point in St. Kitts and the original volcano (dormant now) that formed the island.  It was a comfortable hike for the most part: a clearly defined trail on a shallow slope going about 2.5 miles in, and taking about one-and-a-half hours one way.  The closer one got to the top, however, the steeper and rockier the terrain became, and for the last 50 feet or so, one has to do a lot of careful maneuvering on very large rocks using all four limbs.  But the spectacular and one-of-a-kind view makes the effort quite worth it in the end.  I got lots of good capture, and promise to share it with everyone... but for now I'm saving some material for the end of the month highlight film – gotta hold back something to show then!

I hope you have enjoyed this very special Review edition of the Funnyquote Friday.   Have a good weekend.

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