11 February 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote this week is this week's headline from a local news periodical, The Observer:

"Ghost Prosecution Planned"

Watch out, ghosts!  Your number is being called!  No, just kidding.  According to this article, it has nothing to do with you ghosts.  So you can go back to your regular haunting activities, or whatever it is you do.  Did you know that in the Caribbean, you ghosts are called jumbies?  It's true!

I can't allow myself to go reading the local news too much; it's frightening.  About the only good news I could find was the award winners from this year's Sugar Mas activities (that is, the competitions around Carnival celebrations).  Naturally, this includes King Konris's show-stopping performance to win this year's Soca Monarch competition – unfortunately the regional finals will be held in Trinidad this year, which means I don't get to see them.  I suppose I can always wait until the highlights are posted on YouTube.

Life just keeps on going back home.  I wonder how long it feels like I've been gone from the perspective of people in Georgia?  From here, what with the lack of appreciable changes in the seasons, their passing might as well have slowed to a time-dilated crawl.  Which isn't to say that the months aren't flying by: indeed, I think the slowed pace of life here in the Caribbean contributes heavily to the tendency for me to not have time to blink before another week has gone by.  The fear of letting valuable time decay like the unused vegetables in my fridge is harrowing, but I choose to fall back on the notion of waiting for the right timing.  We'll see how that plays out.


  1. Hey Chris, that's cool about jumbies. I just read the article, so what are ghosts down there? Oh, and did Hulu stop showing Stewart and Colbert again?

  2. In this case, the "ghost" is referring to the alleged prosecution of an individual that they know to be innocent of the crimes, or vying the truth of something they know to have no merit. Like ghost employees in a financially unprincipled company.

    No, The Daily Show and Colbert Report are still on Hulu, both shows are just on break for this week. That's all.

  3. oh, that's a relief. I'm finding it hard to focus on school and do interviews at the same time. I have two tests on Tuesday, then an interview on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! I'm hoping for 1 offer. I'll take anything. Any breakthroughs on the song idea?