09 February 2011

Back To My Old Ways

Sorry about the delayed post; I've been much busier than usual this week, and all of my time has been soaked up in new projects and walking all around town.  The first new project is at the NSTP: In a swift and happy return to glittering familiarity, I was assigned to prepare a client information database in a MS Excel spreadsheet.  There's nothing quite as compulsively consuming as populating 25 fields with thousands of records of data over several days.  Haven't tried it?  That's okay, there are probably more rewarding ways to spend one's time – I just haven't found one yet!

What I have found that really intrigues me is a behavioral phenomenon I have recently begun to take notice of.  It is human nature, of course, after repeated exposure to certain things, to begin to ignore them.  In my case, there are a handful of things that, in the five months I have been on island, I have taken progressively less notice of.  Things like my coworkers' cellphone ringtones, cars honking loudly and rapidly as they pass, the squeaks of the S-hooks on my hammock... Oh, and that big ol' ocean in my front yard!

I can't write long; I've got dinner to cook.  But I'll be back Friday with a new funnyquote, I promise!

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  1. I didn't think it was possible to forget the ocean on that tiny island of yours. I just had an interview with Internal Data Resources. I don't think I did that well. I still haven't had a mock interview, and don't have great answers. Also, I can't email her, because I don't have her email address. It was a phone interview. I also don't know her last name...drat.