04 October 2010

There's Math Everywhere!

I'm really excited about coming up with new math activities and games, especially since I found out today that Peace Corps encourages the dissemination of that kind of material to other islands and countries, so maybe my ideas will be useful for many, many others as well!  I'm pulling ideas from experiences with board games, math games I learned in grade school, and ... dreams I had last night. (Seriously!)  Who knows where inspiration for the next one will come from?  Hopscotch?  Cribbage?  The shape of Nevis Peak?  Halloween?  There's math everywhere!

Which brings me to another point: if anyone has any ideas or memories of fun, engaging, and educational games that can be used in a classroom setting using only a chalkboard, dice, a deck of cards, poker chips, origami paper, or anything like that, Please Please send me a description.  This goes double for fellow PCVs reading this, since most of you here in the EC are youth developers, and have some training in classroom activities.  Of course any submissions would receive full credit for the submitter, and you'd be helping me in one of my objectives here on St. Kitts!  Not to mention the help to students like the ones in this video!

Also, a PSA for readers: I've gotten reports that there is an occasional hiccup when would-be commenters submit their comment and, for whatever reason, it does not go up.  Please be aware that, while I do have the ability to moderate comments, I have only exercised this ability when people have included personal info like e-mail addresses.  Please do not think that I have removed any comments due to content, or any personal reasons – I welcome all your thoughts!  Please keep them coming!

I miss everybody, and I look forward to speaking to many of you on a more regular basis when I can set up a Skype account with a more permanent internet connection.  I'm on Eastern Standard Time here, at least while the US is on Daylight Savings Time, so it should be very easy to coordinate times for virtual visits.  Anyone that is interested, shoot me an e-mail sometime.  In the meantime, don't be afraid to write or call me on my cell, even if just for a few minutes.

Pictures from the 5K Run around the golf course on Saturday:

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