04 February 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Due to my birthday falling on the week of Fall semester finals, rarely did I get to participate in the Anglican church's custom of honoring weekly birthdays and anniversaries.  So this year, when Sunday, December 12 came around, I took advantage of no longer being in school and having to devote all of my weekend to preparing.  When the call came halfway through the service, I and about six others (two couples, two individuals besides me) got up and made our way to the front.  I took my place on the right side, and Father Christopher Archibald turned to me and mumbled something I couldn't hear.  I leaned in and asked him to repeat it.  He said,

"Birthday or Anniversary?"

Heh, okay.  In all honesty, this of left me with some mixed emotions, but mostly I recognized the humor borne of the absurdity of it all.

Soccer this week went better than previously, so I'm praising and grateful for that.  I actually showed progress in not only a few phases of my game, but also in face-name recognition: I'd estimate that about 50% of the players out there were referring to me by my first name (another 5-10% as simply "Hey White Boy") and I managed to pick up about 5 names as well (out of 25 people or so).   There's still progress to be made, to be sure, but at least I wasn't the butt of people's aggravations this time.

I'm waiting for the right timing to move ahead with the two newest projects I intend on initializing this month: a client record-keeping database for use by the NSTP, and an after-school iron band program.  There are still materials and instructions I lack before I can contribute my portion, but I am taking steps to acquire these and get these projects in the machine.  Also, with regard to the Library Reorganization Project, I helped the DWC school with their student council elections for the year, and in return was given a list of 5 names of students that will be given the first choice to be dubbed the school's first "Library Monitors," a position that will hold some (middling) student government authority and some equivalent duties and expectations.  I hope there is a genuine interest among the students to carry out their duties, and I also hope that the teachers are willing to devote just a fraction of the effort to ensure that their students are, indeed, performing their duties as planned.  I alone will not be able to monitor their activities, but will rely on the faculty instead to do this.

That's all the big news from this week.  Looking forward to more big news from the smallest month.

I believe saying it makes a portion of my soul erode away: Go Pack.  Please just beat Six-Burgh.

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  1. Glad your having fun playing soccer...I don't remember the last time I played. Glad to hear your doing well. :)