16 February 2011

Too School For Cool, Part 2

In keeping with this week's theme, here is a look at the pageviews accrued by the site so far, and that data extrapolated over the remainder of my term of service.  With only a handful of months to work with, the projection process was far from scientific and delved more into glorified guesswork.  But the idea remains the same.  My ultimate goal, I suppose, is to match or beat the projection of 18,000 I'm throwing out there right now, and as such I promise a special site surprise when we reach half that mark.

I'm at an unusual and mildly frustrating point in my Peace Corps service, presently defined by a number of projects well thought-out but ill-managed.  As is the way with all of my projects right now, it would seem, there is but one thing holding up progress on the Iron Band: finding a viable and willing source of "instruments."  A good friend recommended I go to the resort hotels and ask their kitchen staff if they had old or unused pots and pans that could be converted into noisemakers, with no concern for human eardrum health, and so I plan to make a few phone calls this week and see if this is possible.  The culture here does not habitually put any inherent value on volunteerism or donation, so even this good idea may prove fruitless; even so, it doesn't cost me anything to ask! (assuming I can use the PC Office's phone, because otherwise it would cost me something.)

A meeting with the new EC Country Director on Friday regarding 50th Anniversary goings-on in the Federation will undoubtedly give me something new to report on next week.  But before then, I'm sure everyone will enjoy a special Review edition of the Funnyquote Friday.  I know I enjoyed making it.

Also, my life after the spider.

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  1. Hey, just remember, there are so many worse things they could say than 'no.' I figure putting my foot in the shoe will kill it anyway, haha.
    I had my interview yesterday with Mattress Firm, I think it went well. I'll find out on Wednesday. I have an interview in 20 minutes with Keyence Corporation. I'm trying not to stress out right now, not succeeding. I'm lookng forward to ending this week and calling you.