14 February 2011

Too School For Cool, Part 1

In light of six months in the Caribbean and 75 blog posts to account for it, I wanted to introduce today some new (old?) material that I've been working on for a little while – but due to my hectic schedule, I won't be able to squeeze it all into a single blog post.  (Notably due to the fact that the second half is, in fact, not finished yet.) So I opted to spread out the theme of "Six Months In Review" across three posts this week.  In the first entry of this two-parter, I present readers with this histogram of all of the previous posts on this blog, with the corresponding number of reader comments per post.

The post with the most comments, Lots of Things Going Down, is unironically also the post with the most pageviews in the blog's brief history.  The inset sorts all of the comments by author, and as the reader will notice, Jonathan and myself represent more than 50% of the concerned commenters on this blog.  All of this may be just a sly way to guilt those of you who have not posted comments yet to get around to doing so.  Or not; a sincere thanks, by the way, to everyone that has contributed and continues to follow along.

On a different note, sometimes I feel like my life is like a big Pac-man: gobbling up experiences and materials, and the majority of my attention is given over to focusing on the meanings and essences of each and trying to make sense of them, contributing to some anxiety when I get overwhelmed.  This has not changed in my life in the Peace Corps.  I know what those much wiser and more balanced in their life would say to me: I need to find make time to step back, step out of the stream of life, and spend that time instead in meditation and reflection.  I think my emotional balance and senses of self-awareness and self-confidence would all benefit from this choice.  Pray for this inspiration to carry over into practical application soon, as well as for continued motivation in each of my projects, especially those that are very, very slow to progress.

Hey, look what I found!  It's my PCV roomie's blog straight from Antigua & Barbuda.
(Pronounced an•TEE•gah and bar•BOO•dah, by the way)  He has a cool collection of quotes applicable to Peace Corps life as well.


  1. Hey Chris! that was cool little graphic. Well, my bad week is coming up. 2 tests tomorrow. and my contact at Sherwin Williams finally emailed me back, ignored my last email (updating my schedule) and scheduled me when I'm interviewing somewhere else! I hope you have a great rest of the week. Have you seen the show Eureka?

  2. Eureka: Yes, I caught most of the first season with S. on SyFy, along with Warehouse 13. I think I preferred W13 a little more, it being a little bit wittier and more story-arc driven.

    Good luck with the week from hades. Be sure to call the scheduler back and reschedule immediately- you don't want to wait on that.