17 November 2010

A Veritable Entropy Machine

Oh, so exhausted.  You know, I abuse that word to the point that I've devalued its meaning – I feel bone-tired.

Phase I of the Library Reorganization Project happened yesterday.  Let me tell you: trapped in a library from 8:30 to 4:00 with an assortment of between half-a-dozen and a dozen 5th and 6th grade boys does wonders for your powers of shutting out distractions.  Now if only I could have taught them the same trick.  At least they weren't trying to touch my hair every three seconds (again).  With their help, we ultimately managed to unshelve and reshelve about 99% of the books that we set out to sort.  We did not get around to cataloging each entry yet, but I plan to spend some time on Thursday going through and alphabetizing shelves and adding card entries and shelf labels.  PC staff was able to capture some video and pictures, so I'll post some just as soon as I get my hands on them.  All in all it was relatively close to what I had in mind for a single day's activities, and we did make several solid steps of progress, but I have to believe that we could have accomplished a little more if the students had been able to maintain focus.  But that's one of the challenges that all teachers have to go through here, so I guess a WELCOME BACK TO REALITY is in order.

Anyway, for reality, it's not too bad – I think I treat myself to a dinner from Neville's Eatery tonight.  Mmm... carbs.

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