11 October 2010

A Very Fun Weekend

While many of my fellow volunteers spent the weekend moving into their own apartments and houses for the first time, some without internet or washing machines, I enjoyed a relaxing weekend with new friends that were not so burdened.  On Friday night, several of us limed (līme v. to hang out with friends, or socialize in an organized public setting) at Frigate Bay, which is a collection of beaches, clubs, restaurants and resorts at the southern isthmus of the island.  My host sister escorted me, and we had a good time meeting up with friends, as well as new and old acquaintances.  Don't even ask how late I stayed up – you don't want to know!

Saturday I joined up with the group again and we trucked over to Cockleshell Beach, the southernmost tip of St. Christopher island.  (You did know that "St. Kitts" is short for St. Christopher, didn't you? ... I'm not kidding.)  But the beach, which is supposed to be one of the most idyllic on the island, got trounced by Tropical Storm Otto, so swimming and lounging looked less appealing the longer we hung out.  So we changed our minds and retraced our path back to the Marriott beach, the most posh beach on island.  We chilled for a few hours, and I swam out to the reef and back, maybe a distance of 150 feet from the shore.  So I missed the GT game, but in a very fashionable way.  We stuck around long enough for a pizza dinner at one of the Marriott resort's outside lounges, and it was so worth it.  Nothing like a pizza and Ting after a long swim!

I look forward to moving into my own apartment on this upcoming Friday and Saturday.  My host family has been more than accommodating, and is willing to go above and beyond to host me for one more week and help me move in.  Their generosity is much appreciated.  Also, the swearing-in ceremony is a week from today.  I'll get pictures and hopefully some video to share with everybody, no later than the end of this month.  I liked doing the brief video last time, so I might try to compile a little video once a month.  Sound good?


  1. I love Ting!!! Saw your parents at Church yesterday. Everyone is good. Thanks for your post. Look forward to more pictures.
    Donna Trull

  2. !!!

    Donna, you are so awesome, I didn't know you could be any cooler. Next you are going to tell me that you have Salt Fish Fritters in your refrigerator and you sleep on a pillow made entirely of Johnny Cakes.

    Yes, Ting is indeed wonderful. Between it and passion fruit juice, I don't think two years of living in the Caribbean will be enough to quench my cravings.

    Glad to hear from you, and thanks for the comment!