11 October 2010

Send Me a Package!

It's here: the address you were waiting for.  I will be moving into my own place within a week, so I welcome any thoughtful gifts or packages at that time.  Please bear in mind these considerations before shipping anything to me:
  • Shipping could take as little as 10 days, as long as 30 days.
  • I will be expected to pay duties on any merchandise that could be perceived as "new."
  • Please send all packages via US Postal Service.
... to this address:

Christopher Nelson
Peace Corps Office
College Housing Project
P. O. Box 246
Basseterre, St. Kitts
St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies

Thanks in advance!


  1. One time I tried to send my brother his birthday present from Thailand. It took 2 months to get there. Another time I tried to send him fun, random Thai candy and it took 4 days. You never can tell...

  2. Hey, Chris. Haven't forgotten you. We are snowed in and school has been out for a week. I am sure the students are glad now but won't be when they have to make up that time.

    Sounds as if you have adjusted to your new environment and are well on your way to your chef license.

    The class sends its love and regards.

    Nancy Kelly

  3. Hi, I was browsing the "intertubes" and ran across your site. I served in EC VI 1969-71 and had an opportunity to go back in 2004 to meet former students. The stuff they remembered blew me away! A couple of them quoted comments I had made on their report card! I was an English teacher and had commented that two of them who were always in the garden might consider agriculture as a career! Have fun during your tour and finish strong! Don't let doubts about what you have accomplished during your tour: you are making more of an impact than you think, and the experience will make more of an impact in your life than you can possibly imagine at this point. Regards, Phil+