06 October 2010

There's Water Everywhere!

I'm getting even more excited about these math activities.  I know, I know, I'm such a nerd, but at the same time, it's meta-exciting to know that I can get this excited about what should otherwise be an incredibly boring exercise in expanding curriculum.  But I am excited!  I've already come up with seven different ideas on my own, and I want at least a dozen to present to the school when I see them next week.  I'm leaving space below each activity for teachers to add input, thoughts, parts that worked and parts that didn't work so that I can improve on these before compiling them all for future Peace Corps use.

The storm here is pretty intense, and has already caused some collateral damage to the Bay Road.  See what the Bay Road used to look like:
We were so young and naïve then...
And see what it looks like after heavy rains, strong winds, high waves and flooding:
I said consummate V's,  consummate!
... and apparently sea monsters.  But seriously, about a 20-foot section of the sidewalk adjacent the Bay Road fell into the Caribbean, and that hole has since expanded to a 40-foot section, and so our daily jaunts into town from our training center must be in a new and different direction.

My presentation of my assessment of a local nonprofit went well on Tuesday, despite the fact that it took me 20-25 minutes to deliver.  It was just a very long presentation!... much to the dismay of my fellow presenters, perhaps.  My instructor liked it, anyway.

Being careful to stay dry...

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  1. Hey! glad your instructor liked your presentation. I have a test tomorrow in Quality Management. I had a mid-term on Monday in Leadership Management, and I have another mid-term in International Strategic Mgmt this-coming Monday. After this monday, I should be a little bit more free, but I'm gonna try to get an internship at some Vet clinic as an office manager. I think that should be fun. I'll call one of these days. what times are good for you to be called?