08 October 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Here's your quote:

"Did you know that there is a tropical 
cyclone formation right over you?"


But in all seriousness, I of course appreciate everyone that monitors the weather down here for me, especially since it is entirely possible that there could be a serious storm in the Caribbean and I might not notice until it was either too late or simply because it missed the island of St. Kitts.  However, in the case of Tropical Storm Otto, we definitely felt the worst of it.  Some even compared it to the effects of Earl, though fortunately the bad parts were mostly intermittent for the last few days, and not continuous for four days.  I know for my part, while my home stayed quite dry, listening to the wind-accelerated rain blow in sheets against the roof was like listening to a subway train pass in the next room.  We PC trainees were put on our first "Standfast" alert last night, so that was an exciting experience in finding something to do while the power was out.  I did manage to get a little reading done, played some solitaire, and... uh... I mean, I did homework.  Yeah, that's it.  Got caught up on shadowing homework.

Truly, though, shadowing went well yesterday.  I visited a nonprofit in Basseterre whose mission is very similar to my worksite's mission, in the interest of learning about their own competencies and abilities.  As I suspected, while there is some small overlap, the two organizations really have specialties in different vocational sectors, implying that cooperation between the two would result in an improvement in capacity of services for all parties.  Which means I'm excited about future cooperative initiatives between the two organizations.  I also have NEMA left to visit, the Kittitian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.  I expect they will be very busy, which means I caught them at either exactly the right time or exactly the worst time... We'll see.

Looking forward to a productive weekend – I intend on finishing the math activities booklet (I am currently standing at 10 completed activities, and I want at least 12) and spending either Friday or Saturday evening with friends, maybe even catching The Social Network, which starts tonight here on the island.  Thanks again to everyone for the comments; I read them religiously and am always excited to see a new response.  I'll be moving into my own place as early as a week from today, so I hope to have Skype set up by next weekend, assuming no internet troubles.

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