03 October 2010

Hashing Out New Lessons

On Saturday I participated in the 1st Annual St. Kitts 5K Run & Family Walk for the support of the St. Christopher Children's Home!  I'll obtain some pictures and video from the event soon, so keep checking.  The scoop, though, is that I came in at 28:00 – a whole 4 minutes longer than I was shooting for.  So while I was disappointed with my performance, I still had lots of fun with fellow volunteers and the on-island running club that call themselves the Hash House Harriers, apparently an international known quantity.  Now known to me, as well.

I have a presentation to give on Tuesday; it's my assessment of a nonprofit here on island.  I was able to accrue tons of material, so my only real concern is keeping my time under 15 minutes.

A thought: I'm at that point where I'm starting to learn approximately one important new thing each day.  Whether it be about myself, the culture, the island, my job, or my circles of influence, I am taking in lots of data and, with clarity of mind, am able to infer the truth in the lesson.  More importantly, I am finding willing ears to share these occasional revelations with, a necessary means for me to obtain that clarity of thought.  So without making it sound too ethereal, I am grateful that God has put people in my path (host family, fellow volunteers, co-workers, PC staff) that are actively helping me adapt at an even quicker rate than I was before.  In summary, I guess you could say that I am gladly still on the upswing of the typical culture-shock wave. (Pun completely unintended.)
How about those Jackets?  Getting it done in the fourth quarter!

Finally, for your viewing delight, pictures of my host family:

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