01 October 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Seen on a sign at the strip at Frigate Bay:

"If you like it up North, stay up North."

A slightly darker quote this week.  The context is: at the strip where lots of fun (and some questionably legal fun) goes down, basically the message is, "Don't judge me."

Not a lot to add, just the usual plea for continued prayer for strength of body, mind, will, and character.  If I can get very personal for a sentence, I have been having a bout with my anxieties for the last few days, basically echoing the struggles I was facing in the States before starting down here.  Please pray that God would take from me this anxiety and replace it with the assurance that He has a plan for me here, and more importantly, will see it through.

Training is starting to wrap up, which is to say we have less than two full weeks left of PST schedule, and only three or four more full days of training regimen.  So hopes are high on that end, and just enough to keep us buoyant through the heavy homework and presentations we are expected to make in the coming days.


  1. Hey, Chris! Just catchin' up on your blog and only have one thought for you ... FAITH ... as in hold it, keep it, cleave to it, embrace it, and let it strengthen you into service. Hebrews 11:1, Romans 10:17, James 1:2-4, James 2:20

    God has given it to you (through His word) and our memory OFTEN must be exercised (in His word). Feelings aren't truth, only God's Word has that distinction! Trust in these instead.

    Hugs to you from MMBC worship band!

  2. I feel your pain Mr Nelson! I present on Thursday and Im battling a bout of severe hives. Can you say stress? Good luck. We must chat after I find my phone charger..heehee.