28 October 2011

Funnyquote Friday

This should be the mantra of every PCV:

"We do everything we can,
but we can't do everything."

I've certainly taken this to heart the past month or so, what with the cavalcade of ongoing projects that came across my proverbial desk.  While it feels good to be busy and see a fresh turnover of worthwhile projects, the hectic pace can be grueling, like the whine of pistons in an engine that isn't downshifting.  At the same time, I'm preparing to go on leave to Georgia, so all of my duties here are being compressed into an even shorter frame of time.  But I guess that kind of anxiety is to be expected before a big flight overseas.

So the big news is out: MidService Training will be held on St. Kitts, which means my team of PCVs and I will, unfortunately, not be able to use this chance to see and tour our sister isles in the Lesser Antilles.  Instead, we will be playing host to the other two island countries represented in our class of PCVs, Antigua & Barbuda and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  Despite the disappointment about the placement, I will be thrilled to see everyone from my class of EC82 once again, and catch up with them.

I feel like this is me most days.

Also, it's HomecomingBetter beat those TigersNo excuses.

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