06 May 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Seen at a bus stop in Sandy Point:

"Simma Dung."

It's been an unusual week for me.  What with Labour Day on Monday and the Ministry of Education's Awareness Week since then, this is actually the first day I've been back in to work since last Friday.  I was still able to go in to school and coach the Iron Band on Tuesday and Thursday, with the intention of preparing the students for a potential upcoming performance in Challengers– one that is now looking less and less likely.  (More on that next week.)

In the meantime, I've broken through another barrier by making friends and getting some facetime with some third- and fourth-semester Ross students, this particular bunch being as nerdy as me!  So it's nice to have a second circle of acquaintances who are easy to relate to, and who can help me use up some of my free time here.  But that might not become actually useful until this summer: my May is starting to crowd up, especially with 50th Anniversary planning logistics.  I just hope I can fit it all in before leaving for Hiawassee on the 25th.

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