02 March 2011

"March"-ing Forward

And just like *snap*, IST is over...

The last day was, for my part, far and away the most productive, what with scheduling an elective seminar with a local guidance counselor (i.e., a very cerebral, analytical person, complete with training in emotional intelligence; so just my type of expert!) on the topic of how to make projects more sustainable.  My Iron Band idea was a natural choice for the example du jour, and so I got to further discuss my vision for what that project is capable of, as well as set in writing some calendar dates for moving ahead in that project even without having the instruments in-hand, or what I might rightly call "Plan C." (for inCredible!)

Normal life begins again with tomorrow's plans to take my Math Games into the school another time in order to pilot the curriculum.  I'm looking forward to another day on my feet, but I expect some mild tangible rewards in the end akin to last week's experiment: perhaps one teacher will comment that she didn't know that a deck of cards could be used to teach algebra so effectively; perhaps one teacher will have some constructive advice for the next time I lead these activities; perhaps one student will comment on how fun he thought the activity was, and that he was looking forward to me visiting his class again sometime.

Whatever the outcome, I have increased faith that we are headed towards good things in so many of my projects, and this month especially holds great potential for early spring budding in each and every one of them.

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