10 June 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Quoth my girlfriend,

"My theory is that the buses here 
actually hover an inch above the ground."

One can feel the trimester winding down at the primary school, and kids find themselves much less inclined to stay and practice, so yesterday's practice was spent as a free-play day for any and all who showed up (including some non-IB inductees).  It was a positive, catharsis-inducing session, with the boys hamming it up by sitting on chairs in a row, drumming on pans resting on chairs in front of them, like miniature drumsets.  The resulting grooves earned some approving glances from some staff, and the accompanying din earned some appalled glances from others.

I've been invited to visit Nevis on Tuesday, to prepare a photo collage of 100 important women on Nevis, arranged in such a way as to make an impression, in macro, of another woman.  A challenging task, but fortunately I have some experience doing these photo collages from before.  Any excuse to visit Nevis again is a good excuse!

STAR WARS Episodes II & III are on the docket, so if there was anyone who was going to be completely disillusioned about SW, it will be my girlfriend after tonight.

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  1. I just sorted out my wifi problem finally! took 2 hours chatting with a customer service rep. and now i got the Wii hooked up with wifi. gonna get netflix on there. just saw that Chrono Trigger was on here for $8. might get that next month. Gonna get 1 game a month or so. better than spending 50 bucks on a wii game that i might not like.