03 June 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Seen on a sign hanging on a picket fence gate:

"I owe, I owe, so off to work I go."

It's the official celebration of the Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary today.  Which means I am doing several things all at once:
1. Coordinating with equipment and service providers to make sure everybody knows what is going on.
2. Filming goings-on for posterity and for marketing and awareness purposes at PC headquarters.
3. Arranging and pumping up the D. Connor Iron Band for their first outright public performance.
And, no doubt, by the end, I will have done x number of other things that I did not foresee when I volunteered for the position of "Logistics and Media" in order to get out of preparing awareness activities for children.  I did enjoy helping out in ways that I was particularly suited to, however, like preparing this promotional poster:

With so many uncertainties about logistics and scheduling, namely (a) whether or not we would have exclusive access to the park today, then (b) whether or not we would have legal access to the park at all, (c) how we would arrange to have electricity paid and readied for our use at the park on the day of, (d) how we would alert the general public and the schools about the events with both enough time to plan and in time enough so they don't forget, and (e) how much these and other services like DJing and tent rental would cost, I was quickly overwhelmed by the ambiguity of it all.  Especially Thursday afternoon when I got a call from a representative from the Department of Parks and Recreation with a message of woe: apparently, they had never received from the Peace Corps a letter of intent to reserve the premises on this Friday, and they had since been promised to NAGICO Insurance Corp.  A quick phone call to the head of SKN's NAGICO branch eased the tension and "let the show go on" without officials having to come and escort us off the premises or anything like that.  But that sudden jolt combined with my own fears that the Iron Band will be mostly underwhelming after much anticipation and propping up was enough to cause me a minor panic attack.  Nothing serious, and one I quickly put to rest by dealing with the problems one by one and sharing the unfortunate news with other PCVs on the planning committee.

Following today's events, I should have plenty of pics and video for your perusal very shortly.

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