11 March 2011

Funnyquote Friday

For this week, a helpful quote from my APCD at InterService Training:

"Just because the Peace Corps has three goals, 
doesn't mean you have to start with the first one."

Not laugh-out-loud funny, I felt, but poignant nonetheless.  For those that aren't familiar with the three goals of the Peace Corps, here they are.

Nothing big to report on since Wednesday; yesterday some of us EC82s finally got to hold a welcoming party for our newest colleague on St. Kitts.  It went well, and the baked goods were well worth he wait.  She's pretty much settled in as well as could be expected in such short order, save for a telephone.

I'll be at Sports Day all day today, and on Nevis almost all weekend.  So I'll likely be out of touch for most of that period.  But I'll make sure the update on Monday is sufficiently detailed to justify the absence.

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