01 March 2011

Happy 50th, Peace Corps!

A change of pace for today: the APCD from Antigua was our guest for the entire training day, and we learned about a method for beginning, maintaining and measuring cultural behavior change.  Useful for weeding out deeply set, perhaps ill-conceived or even destructive cultural behaviors, I believe the training will come in handy if I need to introduce any programs of this sort at my school.  Primary school age is exactly the right time to go about combating any anti-social behaviors, since kids are still receptive and malleable at that age, and I have the unique distinction of being an outsider, who (unlike so many other cultures) Kittitian kids are actually more willing to listen to, share with, and speak honestly about sensitive issues.

Maybe I'll elaborate more on this sometime, but until then, the February highlights video is complete.  Leave a comment if you like it!

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  1. Jonathan and Anna like this video, especially the double wave. I have a question, how much does the Peace Corps cost the Feds? That seems like an expense likely to be cut.