04 March 2011

Funnyquote Friday

A fellow volunteer at this week's training spouted this quip regarding the average PCV's perspective:

"The pessimist says, 'The glass is half empty.'
The optimist says, 'The glass is half full.'
The Peace Corps Volunteer says, 
'Who poured the bath for me?' "

Thankfully not the case here, though no doubt a reality in other far-flung reaches of the world.

Thursday was another day of playing Roving College Professor with the elementary students, as I visited three different classrooms with three different Math Games to try out.  This time my classes were the highest stream of sixth graders (the de facto cream of the crop at DWC Primary), a mixed class of second and third graders, and a class of kindergartners, the last of which were so adorable and enjoyed the activity so much I wish it had not ended in just 15 minutes.  In between my visits, I took an hour break in the library to get off my feet, prepare for the next session, and catch up on Grisham's The Firm, all to the most accentuated sounds of remedial reading tutoring going on around the bookshelves.  I can't express how delightful are the sounds of young children's voices when they are saying in a voice far too loud, belying their enthusiasm, "SELL... S... E... L... ... L... SELL!"  And in light of the inter-house Spelling Bee scheduled for that night, a timely exercise as well.  Didn't distract me a bit.

I felt too fatigued to go to soccer this week.  What with getting up a little bit earlier than usual all five days, but not having the force of will to go to bed earlier, I'm feeling the exhaustion set in the latter half of this week.  Fortunately, I have but one major activity to complete this weekend: write out a comprehensive plan proposal for the Iron Band project, complete with calendar and application questionnaire for prospective student members.  I have a very strong framework to work from, thanks to training sessions earlier this week, and so I am motivated to get all of my ideas out on paper.  Then it is just a matter of identifying the willing souls to carry out the various parts of the plan for the good of the 10-or-so students.  Who will they be?  How fast will this thing get off the ground?  When will our first gig be?  Will the students sound good?  Will there be community approval/support?  So many questions I expect to get answers to this month.

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  1. hey, The Firm is a great book. I just read on CNN that the Kindle is reducing in price steadily, and should be close to free within a year. They make money on the e-books anyway. I can't wait to start reading books again after college. I was thinking about calling a trucking manager and finding out about the industry. Do you think that's a good idea?