07 March 2011

Christopher Nelson, Person

I spent the entirety of the weekend being productive: I created, typed and published a 7 page proposal for the Iron Band project, complete with recruiting and financing details, two pages of landmark progress indicators, and a calendar.  It's rather verbose, but got the approval of my APCD this morning, when I went in to the office to receive my Hep A booster shot.  Just one more round of Hep B in April and I think I'm all vaccinated up!  I also contributed to the planning of a youth summer camp that a fellow volunteer is planning for July and which I offered to be a counselor at.  I even reviewed and offered suggestions of a real business plan by the relative of an acquaintance on Nevis.  I stayed very busy!

We EC82s on St. Kitts will be receiving another of our own into the fold today – a volunteer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be transferring to St. Kitts for (hopefully) the remainder of her term of service.  We here are, of course, very excited to see her again, and eager to make her feel comfortable reorienting to her new island home.  Not to mention recruit her help on some of our fledgling projects! (I'm only semi-kidding there, mind you.)

On Saturday night, I had a dream that I ordered a set of business cards, and they read, quite simply,



Contact Info Home Address E-mail Website

I promise I'm not going for anything overtly dramatic or corny here, but it did give me pause when I awoke and stopped to think about it.  As readers may know, a great many of the things we dream about are borne out of our subconscious trying to release repressed thoughts and feelings, things we would not consciously let ourselves do or say.  And if that is indeed the case here, I was forced to consider why I would dream this and what it might mean for my future.

The first thing that came to my mind was the significance of it being printed on a business card – the sort of thing one would show at a job interview.  What kind of job would I be interviewing for that my humanity would be important?  I don't know.  What I do know is that, after school, internships and a stint in the Peace Corps, I want the sort of job that I would want to be doing even if I wasn't being paid.  I hope my lifestyle and nature speak to my credit when I say with complete honesty that it really isn't about the money.  Right?  I can trace this sentiment back to two strong examples in my parents for doing the work that is most important, serves the most people, and is rewarding, but not necessarily in a monetary sense.  After all, money is hardly an end, but merely a means to an end.

Well, I hadn't planned on taking this diversion today, but maybe somebody needed to read this.  Who can tell such things?


  1. Hey! Maybe it would be important if you were applying to be Dr. Who's companion. I just noticed that you have had no visitors from China. But some from India. I grilled out tonight, Anna bought a couple of steaks and they were tasty. Rusty enjoyed the fat too. My internship went pretty well. I just wrote some checks and deposit slips and handled some money. Traffic wasn't too bad. My Geico interview went well: I was invited to an exercise/test of my skills in Macon, GA. Which is where I would work if hired as a Liability Claims Representative. You're welcome for the long post.

  2. Hey, India is new! Yeah, I noticed that I was getting visitors from cool places like Taiwan, the Philippines, and Singapore, but nobody in the largest country in the entire world has visited my site - maybe it's content blocked in China? I can't imagine why it would be.

    Hey, I grilled out last night, too! What a coincidence.

    Glad to hear things are staying positive on your end.