12 January 2011

The Name Game

This post is brought to you by Inspiration®, the newest unstoppable force since the last unstoppable force.

Never have I ever lived in a place where the mixer was more expensive than the rum... until now.

How is Carnival like your car keys?  Everybody lose it.

I am tickled every time this message pops up on Hulu: "Sorry, we're unable to load a message from our sponsors."  Oh no, no need to apologize; if only I was always so lucky.  Someone needs to tell Hulu that the the break in tempo, what with two ads at 30-45 seconds long each, four different times in a 45-minute episode, is starting to get grating.  (Am I getting spoiled?  Perhaps a little.)

I had a good enough experience with it this past season, I'll probably do Carnival again next year.  Maybe I can forgo paying for a costume and make one myself?  Or better yet, organize a float with a student iron band and roll it into town.

Drink waterWater is good for you.

I sure hope to get involved in a soccer club and/or steel pan band soon, so when I go back to the States and people say "Show me your muscle," I'll have something to show them.

And now the news from Peace Corps Land: I'm pleased to say that the meeting with my APCD and my IPP flew like an eagle today; I'm sure the report will go down as such.  Now I just have my current work and school projects to focus on, intermittent cooking for guests, and Inter-Service Training coming in a few months.


  1. no one would mind ads if they respected the volume of the show we were watching. hearing some ad all the way across the room through my headphones is cringe-worthy, the only solution is blocking it. its not like people didnt take bathroom breaks and channel surf commercials before...blasting the nice people that dont block the unwanted content (maybe the content needs to find a way to be wanted instead?) will only cause more to seek adblock

  2. Furthermore, as if to drive home the point, Hulu has recently "leveled up" to make it THREE (3!) 30 second ads in one segment. It really is cringe worthy now!