14 January 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Today is a special 3-for-1 edition of your favorite Friday series.  These quotes come from the column "Readings from the Peace Corps Rulebook," a department of the EC's own Serious Ting, a periodical contributed to and published by the 100-or-so PCVs in the Eastern Caribbean.  Here are the quotes:

"It's okay to let spiders chill in your bathroom 
for months... until they are the size of 
a Susan B. Anthony."

" 'Silent Night' is followed by a j'ouvert."

"Everyone in your village has an uncle in 
New York or Miami."

Interestingly enough, I did have a monstrous spider attack in December of this year – a bright orange spider about 4.5 inches in diameter (mostly legs).  Don't go thinking it was just another Daddy Long Legs, I'm inundated with those; this guy was living under the couch in order to get in on some of the ant/mosquito action.  But despite its altruistic intent, I made it clear that it was not welcome to scavenge on the same 326 sq. ft. as me.  So here's hoping it's another very long while before one builds up the courage to show its unnatural mug again.

Yes, everyone here seems to have a relative in the States, or has visited the States in many cool places that I have not.  Even my landlord currently lives in the States.  One of my coworkers spent part of the month of August this year in Atlanta.  You can bet someone on this island has been to Helen, GA.  People here are telling me about how cool (and cold) New York is. 

Yesterday I was going through some of the notes in my Moleskine from Pre-Service Training, and I happened across some poignant entries: 
  • 8/25 It's funny that in a few days we've managed to redefine the word "overweight."
  • 8/27 Blogging the first of my "Funny Quote Fridays."  Hope it is a hit.
  • 8/28 Did Yoga in the evening.  Much more relaxed now.
  • 8/29 Slept well last night.  Musta been the yoga.
  • 9/03 I'm looking forward to not walking on eggshells around my host family.  It's a lot of emotional energy.
  • 9/04 Rode the bus home for the first time today.  Very empowering.  Looking forward to walking home on my own.
  • 9/05 Erica discovered the [Nintendo] DS so now I think the damage is done.
Ah, the things you say to yourself when you think no one else is looking.  FYI: Overweight, in this context, refers to the state of one's luggage per airline restrictions.  And don't take the wrong impression from my entry on Sept. 3rd: at the time I was still a little shy around my host family, but I am since quite comfortable around them and feel like I could talk to them about anything.  They have always been very accommodating, and continue to watch out for me from a distance.  I know I am welcome at their place any time the need arises.

For a time after the 5th, Erica would find herself outside my room if my door was open and she'd peek in and say, "You have de puzzle game?"  Since the system has a pretty simple touch-based user interface, she latched on to it instantly, and loved perusing the menus and moving blocks and changing their colors with no help from me.  I didn't mind the company, of course, but every now and then one of Erica's grandparents would query from the other room, "Erica, you are harassing Chris?" This always got a laugh from me.

I am looking forward to having friends over for dinner this evening: home-style lasagna and sauteed green beans.  Yum!


  1. Hey Chris! I'm finally back in school after missing my first 3 days! Some drama club on campus is doing "The Legend of Zelda" and they're acting out "The Ocarina of Time" tonight at 8. I'm stoked! I'm sitting in a business class for Vet students right now. learning about depreciation. haha. ttyl

  2. Oh man that is TOO AWEXOME. You have to, like, film it for me or something. Acquire a bootleg. Send the troupe to the Caribbean. Anything.

  3. Anna thinks they're planning on putting it on youtube. Anna will send some pix. it's 15 min b4 the show, and the theatre is full. but it is a free show. oh, there aren't any Gorons, at least, no Darunius. Sorry for speaking in 3rd person.