07 January 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Good Friday morning; the quote for today is a spontaneous, inspirational witticism from a fellow volunteer during training:

"Life: remember to keep breathing."

I got to do a little breathing this past weekend, when a fellow PCV staying in Sandy Point and I hiked through the countryside in view of Mt. Liamuiga and Brimstone Hill.  We got rained on from time to time, but with trusty umbrella and groves of tamarind trees to hide underneath, we managed just fine.  The exercise was especially refreshing after spending the winter holidays mostly cooped up when not experiencing Carnival.

I got a lot of positive feedback with Monday's post.  I was inspired to put written word to my thoughts after having this conversation on a number of occasions with fellow volunteers.  Specifically, how different each of our experiences as volunteers in the EC will be with the countless volunteers who have served on other continents, how different our experience in St. Kitts will be from other EC volunteers, and even how different my experience is from other Kittitian volunteers.

I have two things coming up on the calendar for this month: the all-volunteer meeting to discuss what we will do in the Federation to celebrate the Peace Corps's 50th anniversary, and my APCD visit to my work site.  So I have to consolidate the progress statuses of my projects as well as come up with an interesting way, a new project, to honor the Peace Corps's 3 goals, possibly while also attending to the symbolism of 50.

It is more challenging than I expected to get back into the swing of a work routine; two weeks off from work is just enough time to get used to the laid back schedule of pursuing one's own goals.  It was helpful having a project to keep me busy, though, when I needed to feel productive.  I've nearly finished my first draft of the Financial Management unit for the Entrepreneurship curriculum coming out of the National Enterprise Development Division (NEDD).

P.S. A new milestone yesterday: 3,000 hits for the blog.

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