28 August 2010

Slow Day

Slow day today, as we just have final medical clearances (with hepatitis and typhoid vaccinations for many of us) and some IT business to attend to.  Peace Corps uses Microsoft SharePoint, for those interested, and it comes highly regarded but unfortunately presents a challenging login interface that has the built in security of an attempt limit.  Consequently, our IT professional is getting a bit of a workout.

Be sure to check out my new friend's blog (she is a yoga instructor, and she has some pictures posted) for additional info on activities down here at 15°N latitude.  As for the weather, it is constantly in the 80s with very high humidity and an intermittent breeze.  I have had the opportunity to visit the beach one day for about 20 minutes, and the water could not have been cooler than 80° F.

Also, if you're wondering why I am suddenly more available online, it is because one of our intrepid crew recently discovered that the office lobby has a wireless router hidden from view.  So now it is the popular evening hangout among my fellow trainees; I generally try to find a group to socialize with instead, like on Monday night a few of us sang songs to guitar, on Tuesday night we walked into town, on Wednesday night I played Cribbage with a couple others, and on Thursday night I stitched my new PC patch onto my laptop case (pictures soon, I promise!).

Some things I have learned already: the capital city of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and the city I will be living in, Basseterre, is pronounced in two syllables.  (bass-TEER) The islands that many of us are at are considered Windward Islands, as they are adjacent the Atlantic Ocean and regularly receive the gale-force winds during hurricane season.  As opposed to the Leeward Islands, which are west of us (Aruba, etc.) and don't receive those winds.

Feel free to send any questions and I'll try to get an answer back soon.  You can comment, or find my e-mail address on my profile page.

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  1. Hey Chris!
    I just went to a lake party yesterday, and Anna and I swam, went on a speedboat, and I drove a jetski for the first time! It was pretty awesome, I got it to 50mph. That was scary. Anna tubed for the first time too. I'm all sunburned too. We went with Anna's vet clinic. They were pretty cool. Are there scorpions down there? because apparently there are scorpions in Athens, we've found 2 dead scorpions in our apartment! Luckily they are not supposed to be more venomous than a bee, but still. scorpions! lol.
    I emailed that pic of all of you b4 the restaurant in Miami to Mom. I'm in the process of instructing mom how to be a 'follower' of your blog. Also, are you going to Grenada at all?
    Have fun in the Caribbean!