27 August 2010

Funnyquote Friday

I'm going to try to post a funny quote or saying from either the Peace Corps or the islands every Friday.  This week's is from the PC Mental Health Safety Tips pamphlet:

"If you see red, turn it into Pink Clouds 
and float away on them."

All of us at training got a kick out of that little gem.  Training on the whole has been quite an experience, with many new things to do and try out, others old hat from my trips to Chosica, Peru.  But for specifics, I couldn't enjoy the first few exciting minutes of arriving at our hotel in St. Lucia, where training takes place, due to the news that I was supposed to have proof of immunization with me (which I sent in to PC headquarters months ago).  Come to find out, much to my relief, the Medical Officers here have those records (including my H1N1 vaccine) and I only needed to bring recent updates.  That was one of the few intrusions into my otherwise chipper attitude while here at a beautiful hilltop resort hotel in Castries.  PreService Training was never intended to have air conditioned rooms to learn in, but my class of EC82 broke the bank and was very lucky in our accommodations.

We are all looking forward to Monday, when we will move to our separate islands and join the host family we will be staying with for the next couple of months.  I will be going to Basseterre, St. Kitts, where I will be working at a post-secondary vocational skills school helping them build database and progress-tracking systems.  Very excited about being in the city, and about what I will be doing.  And especially helping with the kids, which I'm sure there will be plenty of time for during the school year there.  As a secondary project, I would love to extend the chess program began by another volunteer in St. Lucia over to St. Kitts.

More when I get settled in St. Kitts.

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  1. A chess program?? Perfect!
    Also, Basseterre looks beautiful. What a cute town!
    Praying training continues to go well for you!