24 August 2010

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to St. Lucia..."

My first taste of island time, and a bittersweet morsel it is.  My class of volunteers (henceforth referred to as EC82) landed in St. Lucia around 2:00 this afternoon to find ourselves greeted with current volunteers from neighboring islands and hotel accomodators.  The current volunteers were, quite frankly, miffed at the special treatment we were getting, being put up in a fine resort hotel where we will spend the remainder of the week working towards meeting expected competencies and passing required modules.

Unfortunately, this means that I will not have cell phone coverage nor wireless internet access for the next week, as I am posting this from the hotel's single rental internet station.  I will summarily be out of touch for this time, and really I'll be too busy with work during that time anyway.  But I'm taking additional notes on my moleskine, so I'll be able to relate the events of PST (PreService Training) when I have a more stable internet connection.

We have already lost two group members, (30 -> 28) before leaving the hotel this morning.  The word is that 9 of 10 potential volunteers make it through staging and PST, so we may be due one more before the week's out.  It's a shame, because we've got a great group here, very enthusiastic and positive.  The work will prove to be very challenging, though, and that chipper attitude will be chipped at.  I'm being challenged by some anxieties of my own even now, but I'm trying to maintain a positive and carefree attitude as best I can.  Please continue to pray for me, that God would watch over me in an as-of-yet foreign land.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog via one of the followers on mine! I remember we lost one of our members in EC79 at the hotel in Florida and then lost three before PST was through...its tough watching them go, but then again, PC isn't for everyone! I really love your prayer corner- if youre ever in a mood to travel, come down to Grenada if you can! Blessings, Alyssa EC 79