24 February 2012

Funnyquote Friday

Trying to find a fellow Peace Corps' home in Keys Village, I was given the following directions:  Get off the bus, and go up the hill.  Take the second right off the main road.  Then,

"Keep going until you pass the squished frog."

What makes this extra funny, is that my traveling companion and I did actually find this remnant of an unfortunate amphibious excursion, the latest victim of mindless road rage and an unwitting landmark guidepost.

This is my last week of work on the Serious Ting before it goes off for approval in St. Lucia.  I'm pretty excited about how it's shaping up, and as usual I look forward to seeing the end result in print form.  I've cordoned off this weekend entirely for putting the final pieces together, and exporting the result.

I've spent every evening this week visiting a different high school in town and interviewing applicants of the A Ganar project for official USAID paperwork purposes.  Every evening beginning at 5:00 and going until after sunset, trying to coax thoughtful responses from 4A6 students (high school seniors, lowest achievement stream), I am exhausted by the end of the day.  The result has been that when I get home in the evening, I'm too tired to cook and eat simple high-carb meals like PB&Js or Mac&Cheese.  As the week has progressed, I didn't have the energy to get up early to perform my usual workout regimen, which has made me feel even more bleahhh...  So even though it is the start of Lent this week and I was hoping to use that as further incentive to keep to my new self-improvement activity, I'm likely going to have to wait until this weekend to continue going with that.

My mother, in response to my laments of loneliness here on my island, mercifully and charitably (though guilelessly) recommended I read the book of James – given that was the material her church family is currently exploring in a sermon series on that book of the Bible.  But anyone that knows the book of James knows that it is hardly applicable to someone that sincerely needs a morale boost.  Instead, she should have recommended the wise words of Holland-Dozier-Holland via the dulcet chords of Phil Collins.  Now, far be it from me to compare this favorably against scripture; I'm just saying that in this great big world and full life we've been given, inspiration can come from all kinds of different sources.

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  1. You should read Obadiah. Talk about a morale boost. haha