03 February 2012

Funnyquote Friday

The funnyquote is back!  After a month's hiatus, the first funnyquote of the year comes from my buddy Sheldon, a local bus driver, who was popping in to my house for some grub after ferrying my girlfriend and her cats to my house.  On that occasion, I had Handel's Messiah playing for mood music in the background, which elicited this response, containing more than a note – in fact, make it a chord of incredulity:

"What is this, opera??"

Part of Sheldon's appeal is his flagrant disregard for anything civilized, so in retrospect, this should not have come as a surprise.  When camping, in fact, I helped him siphon some gas from our friend's car (with the friend's permission, mind you) in order to start the campfire – something I figured would be grounds for either my death in a glorious explosion, or else my christening as a full-blown redneck.  Either way, it couldn't be good.

I took a little spill in the bathroom this morning.  Given the tiled floors of every building in this country, this could prove to be particularly hazardous, but I only suffered a bloody lip and a bruised cheekbone.  So I'm doing alright now, and I'm even expected to help out with photography this afternoon at A Ganar's opening ceremonies, a joint effort by the NSTP and Project Strong.  So I'll write all about it on Monday!

P.S. I got paid today, so no worries about that anymore!

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  1. Was this illegal siphoning? also, did you end up getting any gasoline in your mouth? fun! I have a few questions about MS Excel, for my personal budget. Skype me!